Friday, September 30, 2011

About us

About Sky Trackers and Astronomy Researchers Club, Bhopal

"Sky trackers and astronomy researchers club" abbreviated as the S.T.A.R Astronomy club, came into existence in the year 2009,  in the aftermath of the "International Year of Astronomy 2009". Ever since, the STAR Astronomy club has established many milestones in India. The club has it's headquarters in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), and has been carrying out various activities in the state. Establishment of STAR Astronomy club took place keeping in mind various drawbacks in the state of Madhya Pradesh (When it came to Astronomical development and promotion of basic sciences) and future objectives.

Astronomy can be aptly claimed as the oldest branch of Science. It was born with man. With his ability to understand the things and nature around him. As the centuries passed, his intellect unfolded and discovered more of this infinite beauty, we call "Universe". The study of deep sky objects. The never ending Universe, Supernovas, Pulsars, White Dwarf stars, the system of planets, galaxies, Black Holes, and a lot more objects which occupy the space. One can be a tycoon in Astronomy, if one has the potential to think beyond the power of imagination. The way Copernicus and Einstein did.

There are a number of astronomy freaks in and around India. Those having a great power of understanding and the creativity to imagine beyond the unimaginable. The only thing they lack is the resource to gather more information. They always wonder how it feels to peep into an eyepiece and observe the magnificent beauty of our universe. But, the educational and institutional system fail them. To fill this vacuum and unveil interest of such students in the Central India, Sky Trackers and Astronomy Researchers club came into the frame. To provide students and population of the Madhya Pradesh and elsewhere with a thorough knowledge of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Particle Physics, to provide them with all the aids at an affordable price (free of cost for the rural) and at a single source, is the main objective of our club. The best institution to continue with your passion of star gazing and to dive into the pool of astronomical education, here's your best choice, Sky trackers and astronomy researchers club, Bhopal. Explore our blog to know more.!